Inspiration No. 2

Re-designing classic wardrobe items according to my first memories of them

Memory No. 1

Left: Photo of my grandfather in a company ca. 1968.
Right: Grandfather Franc ca. 1975.

My grandfather’s style seemed to be very classic and growing up I remember admiring his elegant style. My most vivid memory of his attire is him in a black suit. In his time, a black suit was a norm for working men as well as a synonym for men’s elegance. My grandfather owned a couple of such suits, one for every day and one for Sunday. With it, he would, according to my grandmother, only wear white cotton shirts, a dark silk tie and carefully polished black leather shoes. His wardrobe was full of classics in their purest form. In his youth, he was an admirer of black and white Hollywood movies. Accordingly, he dressed in the fashion of the then famous movie stars and owned a pair of Levi’s 501 as well as a beige trench-coat.

Memory No. 2

My fitted jeans, ca. 1998.

In addition, a memory of my first encounter with clothing was revived, that was always too big for my body since I was a very skinny child. I was often dressed in oversized upper garments and regularly went to fit new trousers to the village tailors. Together we created darts and tried to make them as invisible as possible, however, we did not always succeed in making them unseen.

The memory of my first denim trousers that being too big for me and having to be fitted at the tailors’ inspired oversized silhouettes and fitted garments in my collections. The size of my oversized garments is that of my grandfather, which is men’s 56. While his style also reflects in a certain kind of elegance and mood of a collection.  

Both the strong presence of my grandfather and a village tailor in my childhood caused my early exposure to the craft of tailoring as well as my fascination with it and consequently with classic wardrobe items. What I have seen around me on Sundays or at the tailor’s atelier, was what I though elegance and fashion is.