Inspiration No. 1

Searching for the essential

Ever since I can remember, I was searching for what was essential to garments as well as to fashion. This search led me to design with primary forms and later with the most basic form of clothing, a piece of cloth. What it also did it directed me towards clothing that is in the core of our modern day fashion, classics. 

Silhouette of a piece of cloth

Left: Circle collage, linoleum press on cotton paper, 20x31,4 cm, 11/2016, 52/114.
Right: Translating circle collage into a silhouette, cotton paper, 5x8 cm, 12/2016.

Left: Silhouette of a piece of cloth, water and cotton paper, 5x8 cm, 12/2016, 1/27.
Right: Silhouette of a piece of cloth, water and cotton paper, 10,4x22,6 cm, 1/2017, 24/27.

Designing with primary forms

A collection of sculptures deriving from an exercise with primary forms largely influenced my collection of re-designed classics and illustrates well part of my designer identity. My exploration of basic forms was done through collaging a circle, triangle, and square linoleum models, imprinting them in various combinations on a cotton paper. These collages would serve me to explore the possibilities of pattern making with primary forms, which was a primitive way of creating garments. Through history, many other fashion designers have been designing based on them, such as; Madeleine Vionnet, Yuki, Issey Miyake, Yoshiki Hishinuma, Isabel Toledo,...

A shown circle collage served as an inspiration for the collection of silhouettes of a piece of cloth. I recognized a part of a smaller circle overlapping the bigger, as a possible armhole of clothing. I later cut into a familiar armhole-like shape, sunk it in warm water, softening the cotton paper and achieved for it to resemble a cloth. I reached a collection of silhouettes of a piece of cloth by translating some of my collages in the same manner.Inspired by the essential look of a „sculpture“ I created an entire collection of them portraying various drapes of a piece of cloth. A collection of sculptures was used as an inspiration and as silhouettes in the graduate collection.