Tina Verbič, is a fashion designer and a recent graduate of Aalto University, School of Arts, MA Fashion, Clothing, and Textile Design.

Tina grew up in a rural village near Slovenian Alps, as well as, in a close relationship with a craft of men's tailoring. Throughout her childhood, she was witnessing "Sunday suits" being admired and made, and this gave her the first idea of what fashion is. In addition to a certain kind of aesthetic, such way of making, gave her knowledge and appreciation of a careful and quality clothing construction.

With time she brought together her two great interests; tailoring and arts; first at a Secondary School of Arts, Design and Photography in Ljubljana, later in BA Fashion and BA Textile Design at University of Ljubljana, and finally at an MA Fashion, Clothing and Textile Design at Aalto University, School of Arts in Helsinki.

Her MA studies resulted in a fashion collection of classic wardrobe items re-designed according to her inspirations among which were her first memories of them. In addition, she has written an academic paper on the relevance of classics in fashion and the phenomenon of their adaptations.

During her study years, she has intensely practiced her professional skills, among other, as a Womenswear Design Assistant at KENZO Mode. in their design studio in Paris.